Big brands spend a lot of money to advertize their products at public places such as malls, stations etc with digital signages being the preferred medium for advertising. The disadvantage of these digital signage based advertisements is, crucial information such as the footfall and the analytics of the viewers are unknown to advertisers and thus they cannot gauge the imact of their advertisement.

What we do

SensoVision AdsViz is a smart advertisement solution that comprises of a camera, placed on top of the screen, and a processing board that is connected to the screen. The camera captures images of the viewers that are processed by our proprietary Computer Vision and Machine Learning software which finds the age group and gender of the viewers and any gestures shown by them.

These analytics can be used by the advertiser to analyze the impact of the advertisement. Based on who is viewing, the advertiser can change the advertisements and provide real time interactions and animations to make the advertisement more engaging.

The analytics are available to the advertiser through our Content Management System(CMS). The CMS is also used to design and schedule advertisements on different screens.




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