Fastener Industry Inspection

Fastener Industry acts as the back bone for any industry. The major clients of the Fastener industry are automobile, avionics and electronics. After Industrial 4.0, quality requirement in the fastener industry has become further stringent. These sectors are adopting automation for their end to end operations. If any defect is present in a fastener component, the entire chain of automation comes to a halt. So Quality Inspection is a must to serve such clients.

Currently, the Fastener Industry relies on human inspection but in general, human inspection gets error prone due to fatigue and boredom. Human Inspection is also incomplete and costly as the scale of manufacturing grows.

What we do

SensoVision provides end to end solution where the fastener items are subjected to machine learning based algorithms which work like human brain to find parts which are having visual defects. These defects could be due to extra material on component surface in form of blur or chip-off during manufacturing operation or surface cracks etc. Our solution also determines if the component has dimensional defects in various aspects of component.




Machine Learning

Machine Vision

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