Food Inspection

Quality inspection of food and agricultural produce are difficult and labor intensive. Simultaneously, with increased expectations for food products of high quality and safety standards, the need for accurate, fast and objective quality determination of these characteristics in food products continues to grow. However, these operations generally are manual which is costly as well as unreliable because human decision in identifying quality factors such as appearance, flavor, nutrient, texture, etc., is inconsistent, subjective and slow.

Machine vision provides one alternative for an automated, non-destructive and cost-effective technique to accomplish these requirements. This inspection approach based on image analysis and processing has found a variety of different applications in the food industry.

What we do

SensoVision is capable to provide end to end solution for Food Quality Inspection for the

1. Inspection and grading of fruits and vegetables

2. Inspection of grain quality and characteristic examination

3. Quality evaluation of food products like bakery products, pizza, cheese, and noodles etc.




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