Industrial Automation Solutions

Industry Automation solutions can give business more accuracy, speed and at very low cost. SensoVision works on industry automation solution which are vision based. SensoVision is equipped to solve a number of problems using vision like a fruit vendor may like to segregate fruits based on their size and color. Similarly a screw manufacturer may require faulty screws to be segregated from final delivery based on correct stamping and size of screw. All this is possible using vision. We provide solution ported on embedded hardware and interfaced with appropriate machine vision camera.

Machine Vision camera of GigE, Camlink, USB interfaces are compatible.

What we have Done?

SensoVision is currently developing computer vision routines on machine vision camera which can help industry in identifying faulty item from a conveyer belt kind of setup. This work is being done in such a way that one software cum hardware solution can cater to multiple usecases.




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