Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry produces millions of tablets each week, all of which must be carefully scrutinised before being packed and shipped to distributors. During this inspection, drug manufacturers must ensure that the correct amount of medication, with the exact chemical composition and weight are precisely packed into the appropriate containers.

Most pharmaceutical packaging systems use automation to manage bottle orientation, capping, labelling and collation systems. Automation of packaging also requires a system that monitors the operation on a supervisory level, checking for low hopper levels, fallen bottles and low-level supplies.

This is just one stage of pharmaceutical inspection — automation and machine learning is also applied to ensure that products are packed in the correct bottles and boxes with the correct labelling affixed.

What we do

At SensoVision, we are capable of providing end to end solution for following use cases

1. Cap / Seal inspection

2. Product presence inspection

3. Tablets and capsules Inspection for correct color, size and shape

4. Cracks Inspection

5. Foreign Particle Inspection

6. Box / Label inspection

7. Powder / Liquid fill inspection




Machine Learning

Machine Vision

Expert Insight