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About us

We are a team of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers and developers working in computer vision, machine learning, drone autonomy and IOT technology domains. As we, humans, use our vision as the primary source to collect information about our environment, the prospect of creating computerized equipment that can capture and understand the information using vision is tempting.

At SensoVision, we have developed vision based solutions for industries such as advertising, security and surveillance, health care, agriculture and industrial and city automation. Our vision based algorithms uses the latest technology which results in simpler and faster processing and making it more reliable.

Our Story

The dream to “to bring research into product” began to weave in the mind of Mr. Vikram Jain, founder and CEO, during the time he worked as a scientist at the Indian Defence Research and Development Organization. The foundations of SensoVision were laid in May, 2015 with Mr. Aakash Dhamasia , CTO and Co-founder, who possess the same zest and faith towards idea of solving real life problems using computer vision. At first, getting the industry to trust and believe in the strength and capabilities of two individuals, who began with little financial support, was an arduous task. They created numerous prototypes to solve various use cases using technology ranging from computer vision to IOT. Yet, growth remained sluggish due to a lack of man power and their focus on government projects, which tend to materialize at their own pace. However, once the breakthrough was made, there was no turning back.


Vikram Jain Vikram Jain
Vikram Jain


Aakash Dhamasia Aakash Dhamasia
Akash Dhamasia


Abhijith B. Abhijith B.
Abhijith R Bagepalli


Vasu Vasu
Vasu Gupta

Algorithm Developer

John Jose John Jose
John Jose

Mechanical Engineer

Amit Nair Amit Nair
Amit Nair

Web Developer

Roma Jain Roma Jain
Roma Jain


amrutha Amrutha
Amrutha Govind

Algorithm Developer

arka arka
Arka Das

Algorithm Developer


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