Internet of Things

IOT stands out for Internet of things which means putting your device on internet and access them just like we access any other thing on internet. Be it your fan, your light or any xyz electronic devices. Once we have the access, we can do multiple things like simply turning it ON/OFF or noticing the behaviour of the device and taking action accordingly. IOT has applications in various sector such as Health Care/Fitness, Automobiles, Security and Surveillance and Home, Industry and City Automation.

What we have Done?

At Sensovision, we have developed prototypes for Smart Plug, Smart Weigh Machine, Smart Tracker, Smart Sensor Suit, Smart Lock, Smart PA, Smart Camera and Smart Energy meter along with IOT online platform. Our products are equipped with machine learning algorithms which makes them intelligent such that they automatically adjusts to the user preferences and are secured through many security filters. We also provide customization support to the users along with end to end development, integration and testing of an IOT device.


  • Remote / local Control: Control your device from any part of the globe.
  • Local / Cloud Storage of important data.
  • Smart Sense : Automise your operations using sensors
  • Web browser / Android app compatible platform
  • Hardware Integration and Software porting support
  • Alert Services
  • Data analytics support
  • Customization of hardware and software support
  • Smart Plug

    Smart Weigh Machine

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    Smart GPS Tracker

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    Smart Sensor Suit

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    Smart PA

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    Smart Energy Meter

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    Smart City

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    Health Care

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    Smart Plug





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