Our Solutions

We provide customized end to end solutions based on computer vision technology

Our whole approach revolves around computer vision technology at the core. We have expertise in integrating vision based solution to the required platform and integrate it with required data to create solutions for various industries

Video Analytics

At SensoVision, we explore how various business can be benefitted using computer vision and empowered by video analytics so obtained

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Surveillance Solution

At various level vision can automate surveillance procedure and we develop algorithms and end to end solutions for that

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Machine Learning

SensoVision is actively working on technologies where machine learning can be applied in conjuction with computer vision

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Drone Solutions

Drones can help a lot of business if they can also generate real time intelligence from images obtained.

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Industrial Automation

We at Sensovision develop solutions which uses vision to automate industrial procedures of inspection and segregation

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Internet of Things

IOT technology fuses multi sensor to automate decision making. Vision sensor in conjuction with IOT can benefit various use-case

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